MotoGp race in Indianapolis

The Great Motorcycle Fan Insult

As most know, I am no fan of NASCAR and Speed TV or Fox Sports, as they are all the same to me, and now Dorna has awarded the TV contract to them for MotoGp which serves as the great motorcycle fan insult. Unknown to Dorna is the fact that these three together have little or no interest in promoting motorcycle racing in America, let alone from another country. The only thing that will happen is the entire negative that will happen if someone gets hurt or worse, like they are doing to college football.

If you have ever been to the MotoGp race in Indianapolis; you would have been insulted as a motorcycle fan to have to put up with the NASCAR news from the fine outstanding people from Speed TV/fox sports. Those of us that go to the MotoGp race at Indy are not in the least interested in what is going on in the NASCAR world or F1 for that matter. The Red Bull MotoGp race is about motorcycle racing period.

So while Dorna thinks they have something to crow about, the exact opposite is true. All that go to Indy, and that was about 60,000 or so last year, know of the insults thrown at us. Too bad Dorna walks around in the blind or does not take the time to ask. I wonder how big the money was involved in the contract only to find out that motorcycle fans think so lowly of Speed TV.

In case you wonder why I have such a distaste for Speed, go research Speed vision and see what Speed was before. That fellow Dave that has a segment with now mostly NASCAR drivers live had a direct role in Speed vision, which was when it was about motorcycles, motorcycle racing, and just good old riding through out the country. A far cry from what it is now.

But I hope for the best, knowing full well there are a lot more insults coming when MotoGp gets to Austin, then to Laguna, and to Indy in August. Maybe I should get some T shirts made up to insult them. I wonder.

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