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How to charge a car battery without a charger

Sometimes, there can be nothing as disappointing as having your car battery die when you have no charger nearby. The situation puts your schedule to a complete halt, and you could end up missing your deadlines, an interview or even your child’s basketball game. Clearly, your dead battery could be the beginning of quite a number of your problems. Fortunately, there are different ways you can charge your car battery even when you do not have a charger. We look at them below.

Charging Your Car1. One of the two solutions to your dead car battery is charging your car using jumper cables. For this method, you need to have another running car on standby and a pair of cables. You will need to park the cars right next to each other and connect your jumper cables to link both batteries. Once you have connected both cells appropriately, start the functional car. Its charging system will begin working and provide current to charge your dead car’s battery. After around five minutes, you can start the car whose battery had died, and it should start. In case it fails to do so, give it some more time to charge from the second car’s running motor. Once your car successfully starts, you can drive it around for half an hour, and its alternator will charge the rest of the battery.

Unfortunately, however, this method requires you to open up the hoods of both vehicles. It also puts you at risk of an explosion or the damage of batteries if you incorrectly connect the batteries. Since you have to handle the batteries for both cars, you could come into contact with sulfuric acid that would cause you injury. In case your battery is dead at a remote place such as a campsite, there is also the possibility you might not have access to a second car.

Pushing The Car2. The second method, fortunately, does not require you to open up your car’s hood, neither does it require a second car. All it requires is two or more people and some flat or gently sloping land. You will need to get someone to push your car as you start it. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Once you have gotten a willing person to push your car, get into the driver’s seat and put your car into second gear. Putting it in first gear will cause your automobile to make too many revolutions per minute and could cause the engine damage. Some people have also experienced success by setting their cars in reverse mode, for example, if you parked your car midway up a hill only to have problems restarting it. Once the car is in second gear, ensure the clutch is all the way in and turn your ignition to the on position.

Afterward, your helper can begin pushing the car. Depending on the size of the automobile, you may need one or more people to push it. Once the car is in motion, let them push it harder and harder until it gains enough momentum. Let the clutch out and step on the gas pedal immediately after. The car should start, and you would thus be able to turn on the charging system. The running alternator would then be able to charge your car battery for some time. Do not let the car stop for more than half an hour.

Use these two ways to charge your car battery when you do not have a charger nearby.

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Auto Service Tips

Our vehicles have become a standard feature in any garage across America.

Its almost unimaginable to think that we could get by in our careers or family activities without a vehicle to get us around.

That is why it is so important to keep up with your auto service by a company or person you trust.

These days our cars have so many components and are so hard to reach, its almost impossible to service them ourselves.

Even something as mundane as an oil change can require most of the car to be disassembled or it could take a special tool to unhook or unscrew certain parts.

Any vehicle though, requires regular service and maintenance to keep it running strong and the person or companies you choose to perform these services vary widely in capability and honesty.

There are service shops that go through your car with a fine tooth comb to check everything from the air filter to transmission damage.

Its so important to ask or research your auto service shop and ensure that what they say is wrong or not wrong with your vehicle, is solely on honesty and not out of laziness or commissions.

The parts in our cars wear out, this cannot be denied, and when they do its important to get a service or replacement as soon as possible.

The skill of your serviceman can vary from just a hands on experience to rigid training and updated classes on newer techniques, tools and problems.

Its best to know your vehicle

  1. Always research any issues you may be having with your vehicle before you take it in. Although the internet is sometimes wrong or misleading getting several opinions before you take your car in can eliminate a dishonest service center right off the bat.
  2. If most of your searches say that your transmission just needs flushed and the serviceman suggests a new transmission, then you can safely walk away and try another center.
  3. Other things like standard services performed with an oils change, free or discounted car washes, complimentary snacks and coffee while you wait are all touches of a service center who cares about your comfort level of their service.
  4. Dont leave your all important vehicle to chance with untrained or uncaring service centers. Have confidence in your auto service center and know they will be there for you every time you need anything serviced or replaced on your car.
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Won't Accelerate

My Car Won’t Accelerate: What Is The Problem?

For those of us in the business, this is one of the most asked questions that we come across. Since there can be quite a few reasons why this happens we have put together a list of the most common causes that lead to your car not wanting to accelerate.

Emergency Brake Is Still On

Believe it or not, this is actually the commonest cause of poor acceleration. We live such hectic lives these days many of us drive on automatic mode and so easily forget something as elementary as disengaging the emergency brake.

Still in Neutral

Not thinking about exactly what you are doing when driving strikes again. Though this generally is a problem that most people figure out in seconds, forgetting your car is in neutral is something that at one time or another we have all done.

Low Fuel Pressure

Insufficient fuel or low fuel pressure is another major cause of poor acceleration or indeed none at all. You should check your fuel gauge to be sure you are not out of gas and if this is not the cause of the problem then you will need to take it to an expert to get the car checked over. The source of this problem could be anything from a blocked fuel filter to a faulty carburetor.

Electrical Issues

In modern cars so much depends on the electronics that it is possible that poor acceleration is down to the engine management system not working properly. Should this be the cause of your problem then even if you are a good mechanic you will need to take it to an auto shop as to diagnose the problem will require expensive equipment only auto shops possess.

Worn Timing Belt

A timing belt is a critical part of the engine. The failure of one of these belts will lead to an engine destroying itself but even a worn one can lead to an engine not working properly.

A worn timing belt will often let out a deafening screeching sound at time of a sharp increase in your engines RPM. Though being a concern this doesn’t always indicate that your belt requires immediate replacement. Should you be in doubt take your car to the repair shop at the soonest possible convenient time to get it looked at.

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