Ever Bigger Smile on Marc Marquez,s Face at COTA

The ever bigger smile on Marc Marquez’s face at COTA is very hard to hide as he has been at the top of the time sheets in Austin, Texas the last two days. The track itself is long and very technical which has caused Marc to use caution about the other riders following him. A lesson from the others he noted. They say these times don’t matter much, but how much truth is that statement. Every rider there is new to the track, no knowledge and no data, therefore equal for all. I have read all that can be read over the last two days, and to me it seems to be a worry for everyone except Marc. He is having a great time with that knowing the terms are equal.

I wonder why Yamaha has packed up and left town last night. Couldn’t get close to the times set by the rookie?  They said they had enough data about this new track, but I wonder. I know the costs to get to Austin run very high, but having already paid the transport cost, how much extra would it have been to stay until this evening? Just seems like something hasn’t been said.

But Marc, DanI, and Stephan will finish up this day and it could be huge for the race in April. We will see. Marc will travel to Indianapolis when he is done here; he is going to take in the Supercross race live. Just a note to Marc, Indy is not as close to Austin as you think it is. In fact Texas is larger than the country of Spain, and Austin is close to being the center. In fact, it would be 1100 miles to drive, but I am sure your flying.

The two CRT bikes are not doing well at all. Blake Young is having a hard time getting to grips with all the tech setup required and as such, is some 10 seconds off the pace. Lots to learn Blake! Have to get into the books for motogp racing, and then put in many laps to get up to speed.

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